January 03, 2012

Snot rockets are only gross in the wind.....right?!

BAM. Slapping you immediately with that awesome picture. You're very welcome. This perfectly displays my affection for the wind that was today.

So, after deciding to wing the rest of my training, I ran 9.5 miles on Friday after work at Hains Point. It was pretty uneventful, windy on one side, warmer on the other. Gloves and ear warmers went off and on. Hains Point is approximately a 3 mile loop, so I went around three times, tempted to stop at the car after each loop. I was a little sore after the run but nothing to cry over.

I also did a couple miles here and there before or after...but I don't really remember much about them.

Yesterday I dressed to go run after I woke up early. I went to MVT and did a minimal run before I chickened out and went to the car. It was cold and windy, and I wasn't dressed adequately. And I'm a huge weather baby. I went to the grocery store and grabbed some ingredients to make my meals for the week: baby spinach with feta and self-toasted almonds with a teeny bit of balsamic vin dressing (fat-free!); homemade chicken noodle soup; and a healthier version of butter chicken and chickpeas. The butter chicken and chickpeas actually doesn't use much butter at all. I adapted the recipe from Budget Bytes blog, and it's mostly tomato sauce, diced tomatoes simmered with garam masala spice and a few other things. You simmer the chicken and chickpeas in there for a nice long hour and serve it over some yummy long grain brown rice, cilantro on top! I had it for dinner last night and for lunch today with a side salad of my baby spinach. I don't really get tired of that salad...so simple and fresh! Add that in with some yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast and I am set for the week! Time to shed some squish!!!

This morning I knew in advance that it would be absolutely freezing... so I packed my under armour tights, long sleeve nike running shirt, long sleeve orange nike pullover, and my bright yellow reflective jacket that is wind resistant (thanks Mom, absolutely LOVE it!). I did my day at work, ate my packed lunch, and at quitting time I changed into my gear and went out to the Mount Vernon Trail for a few miles. I went out towards Alexandria (where that first picture is taken...trying to show you the wind). I found the entire planet's supply of canadian geese, and a wee bit of ice:

Then I crossed the street to head to Arlington Cemetery where the wind picked up like a hurricane and made me grateful I had my MCM ear warmers and hand me down neck warmer:

Then I thought I would give you this little gem of the way my face looked 98% of the time running because of how cold/windy it was:

America's Top Model, that's what's up.

I went past Iwo Jima, down through Rosslyn, back onto the MVT and to the car. Woo. It felt like a really fast pace (for me), so I'm pretty happy with my effort.

That's me in the car showing you all my layers and how ridiculously good looking I can be if I just let the wind do my hair for me. My face felt frozen in that nifty smile/what's that smell/are you sure you aren't singing in this picture - picture. I took the longest shower EVER and then ate some chicken noodle soup.

I'm watching the Biggest Loser, makes me motivated to keep going. That, and the fact that a friend keeps telling me to back out of the full and do the half. Sorry lady, this slab of hotness is getting herself a second full marathon medal!

Til next time, stay warm!

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