January 13, 2012

I'm SO boring.


1. A bubble bath on Wednesday seemed like a big deal.

2. Highlight of my week consisted of (finally) skyping with the boyfriend.

3. I got excited by a $20 coupon to Pacers today.

4. I called in sick to work yesterday and slept til 2pm.

5. After I woke up, I watched HGTV the remaining part of the day.

6. I plan on running 15 miles tomorrow, thus meaning I will log more HGTV watching tonight.

7. I will probably be really tired tomorrow after the 15 miles and will end up falling asleep during the first quarter of the football games.

8. I can't remember the last time I hung out in public.

9. I talk to the dog.

10. I get excited when I can go grocery shopping for the week because that means something new to eat for 7 days straight.

I haven't run since the three miles around Hains Point earlier this week...and I'm planning on logging a hefty 15 miles tomorrow. That means a fancy Friday night for me. And Saturday night. WOOOO PARTY ANIMAL. Psyche. Maybe I can have one of those cool 'bubble' baths Saturday with a bottle of wine...to relax and sulk in my soreness. At least tomorrow will be a true, true test of the CW-X compression pants and Saucony calf sleeves! Put those bad boys to use!

Stay tuned for how tomorrow ends up! Happy weekend everyone!

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