January 25, 2012

Thou Shall Not Covet Shoes

So I realized I need new shoes. I've had this pair since September, ran the marathon in them, have been training in them, and they aren't completely on their last leg yet but it's getting close. Plus, I want to have enough time to break them in and get them comfy before the March marathon. Since I'm just weeks away from a race I have decided to buy another pair of Brooks Ravenna 2's (this will be my fifth or sixth pair of them)...not going to switch to something unknown until I don't have a race to train for so I can explore. That doesn't mean I can't look around in the meantime :)

These are glorious looking - Brooks Pure Cadence from their Pure Project. Not only do they look AWESOME (they come in other colors, but really how could you NOT get this yellow?!..totally serious). I am considering a pair of these to replace my Ravenna's for road shoes. (finishline.com)

Trail shoe love:

I already showed you these Montrail Bajada's, Spring 2012 (REALLY considering these)!:

But I've also heard good things about Saucony Progrid Peregrines, apparently a Peregrine 2 will be out in March!: (finishline.com)

From Brooks Pure Project, a trail shoe - Pure Grit: (irunfar.com)

La Sportiva CrossLite 2.0: "The La Sportiva Women's CrossLite 2.0 Trail Running Shoe is extremely light, but it finds itself right at home in the gnarliest conditions in which you dare to run. The aggressive outsole lugs are deigned to take on wet, snowy, or muddy conditions on nasty, varied terrain. Extra midsole padding offers a greater level of protection than most trail runners, and the slip-lasted upper works with the midsole to give you a precise fit and added feel."

Sounds awesome to me! (backcountry.com)

Also from La Sportiva - Electron, "Electron Trail Running Shoe to soak up the impact of abusive trails so your knees and feet don't have to. Technical trail runs require agility, and the Electron helps you stay quick on your feet for a plush, light-and-fast ride through the woods."

Now after looking at these, when I thought I REALLY wanted the Bajadas, I kinda really want the La Sportivas too! Decisions...

And while we're on the subject of trail things I want:

Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab12 (irunfar.com just did a review recently on the product).

These also are on my wish list, Salomon Trail IV Tights for winter running (irunfar.com):

I also wouldn't mind owning these Salomon Exo IV 3/4 Tights as seen on irunfar.com. Would be great when it starts to get warmer as an alternative to my CW-X full length tights (irunfar.com):

Annnnd while I'm still looking at Salomon products, I am adding these calf compression sleeves to the list (irunfar.com):

The site gives amazing reviews of these particular sleeves. Makes me want them.

Eventually I will need to start thinking about fueling and carrying things for the 50 miler...but that's far enough away. I have plenty of time to keep daydreaming about supplies I will probably never have funds to buy :D

I wish I could just make a living off of these things (talking about running and different shoes..etc). How awesome would that be?!

So I went for a short little run on Monday to get back into the groove of things. Then it was soooo beautiful outside yesterday that I hurried home and went out for a run around my neighborhood. I ran a different route and ended up over by Dupont Circle, very pleasant run. During the beginning part of my run I passed by a Vida gym that I didn't know was so close to my house. I popped in for a tour, got pangs for wanting to join...then remembered I actually like not eating ramen for dinner unless I'm in the mood for it. The rest of the run was so nice. While I was getting my tour at the gym, I chatted with the membership guy about my running. I (obviously) love to talk about running and my future and goals. We chatted about the 50 miler and it seemed to inflate me with a renewed love to get out there and spend hours grinding away. Hard to explain. But man, did it feel good being out there yesterday.

Today is equally gorgeous outside and I am amped up to go out there and get more miles in. It looks like rain for tomorrow and Friday, so I might cash in that one day pass they gave me to Vida (spinning class, anyone?), and then glorious weather on Saturday...fit for my 16 mile run! I'm excited!

Things are coming together! I'm getting my flow back, my body is responding well to the (semi) dieting (just better nutrition) and higher activity. My ankle can sometimes remind me I was injured before, but nothing I/it can't handle right now.

Now everyone get out there at some point today and enjoy this rare weather!!!

(if you care to read about ultra stuff, cool article: http://www.irunfar.com/2012/01/reflections-on-the-womens-ultra-performance-of-the-year.html)

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