January 23, 2012

Stop Being A Baby!

I recently learned a few things about myself. Every week I sit and watch the Biggest Loser season of 'No Excuses', whilst on a weekly basis I make excuses for myself. The weather sucks. It's dangerous out. I'm tired. I'm sore. My tummy hurts. I suck at running. Etc... I am extremely lazy. I need to stop being like this. I sit and yell at the tv (mostly just in my head) about how the contestants need to straighten up their act...all while I am guilty of the same thing. Dress size irrelevant. We all have goals. One of mine, since September ish, has been to COMPLETE JFK 50 Miler. I don't need to finish first, I don't need to place for my age group...I don't need to stress out about time. I just need to finish.

I don't think I've been in a running rut, at least not one of the ones I've had before. I think more than anything I've needed an attitude adjustment, a change in my outlook for races, goals and running. The past few weeks I think I let a few other people into my head and let the idea of dropping down from the full marathon to the half sit and fester in my mind too long. I couldn't remember WHY I let myself run for HOURS. Training runs double what my friends get to do. I always have a hard time getting out the door, but I need to start remembering that once I am out there, I feel good and proud of myself. I feel strong and like I'm accomplishing something. I feel like I'm doing something not many people want to do with their Saturday mornings. I want to earn that cat nap later in the day.

I want very badly to be at mile 35 of a run, struggling internally but able to find the strength to persevere and cross that finish line.

I don't want to run 100 miles. I just want to throw that out there now. DO. NOT. ASK. ME. I'm scared I might not say no, haha...

SO, with all this said, time to buck up...finish these last two months of training, run my best race I can in March. Hopefully eeeek under 5 hours.

Then I want to buy myself these:

Montrail Bajadas. Aren't they glorious looking?!

Then I want to kick some booty out of some trail races and training runs leading up to November.

Then I am going to OWN the AT as I race JFK 50.

That is all. Anyone care to join me for training runs after March?

Also, read this if you get a chance, particularly the first account. Love it, very inspiring.


"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” Good ole L. Armstrong for you.

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