January 08, 2012

Stepping Up My Game

Last Friday (Dec 30): 9.5 miles

This recent Friday (Jan 6): 12 ish miles.

Sometime in this past week I decided that I NEEDED compression tights to do my long runs, and throw in some calf compression sleeves for good measure. A friend informed me that CW-X is where it's at brand wise for the tights...a brand I am very familiar with drooling over in running stores but not ever purchasing.

Thursday rolled around and after work I found myself in a Fleet Feet not too far from my house to try on some tights. After a few failed attempts at tights WAY too small for the bits God blessed me with, I finally squeezed myself into the right size (I'm still hoping it's the right size...how the heck is one to know?!) and pranced around the store a little like I knew what I was doing. I decided that they were slimming, hehe I know..SOOO the important thing here (not), and decided to bite the bullet and purchase my very first pair of CW-X PerformX tights.

As barely seen above. It's dark. Look them up online if you really want to know what they look like.

Anyway, after buying those and the calf sleeves, I was super amped up for my long run this weekend and just felt like I OWED it to the pants to run super duper long and maybe I would be fast all of a sudden or transform into a female version of the Flash.

(ironically I wore this costume before I ever became a runner...)

So for my long run, as I did last week, I decided to head to Hains Point...mostly because of my lack of route planning and the convenience a 3 mile loop offers.

Good ole trusty three mile loop. After 7 loops in the past two weeks...I would like to take a break from HP for a little while.

I had Friday off from work, and even still I couldn't drag myself out of bed and moving to run until around 2:30. I decided that this long run would be an experiment with new gels and trying out how a 5 hour energy sits with me. Sometimes I have the worst ideas. I ate lunch (chicken and brown rice), allowed time to digest, got dressed...grabbed gels and the 5 hr and drove over to HP. It was extremely nice out, in the 50s and sunny. I wore my new pants, my short sleeve Jazz Half shirt, and my neon yellow jacket over that, complete with my LSU hat.

That first mile FLEW by (for me). 10:45 (fine for a mile but completely not maintainable for 13 miles when I haven't been consistently training, hehe)

Second mile: 13:47. Yeah. Something bad went down. That 5 hr energy reared it's ugly head and left me wanted to vomit. That pretty much never went away. I was determined to get the miles in, so I told myself I needed to suck it up and just slow my pace down from the 10:45.

Third mile: 12:40 (stop texting your boyfriend about how bad you want to puke and actually get to running, girl). (PS thanks R for the mental boost. You are the bomb.)

(picture I took right after I got my pep talk from R)

Fourth mile - Twelve: all about 12 min miles. All I could maintain without ralphing.

With the starting and stopping of my watch when I pulled over every 2 miles to get water, the mileage got a little thrown off and by the time I reached the parking lot (the end of the 4th loop), my watch said I still hadn't hit 12 miles...which was complete crap. I wanted that number on there, so I literally ran up and down the small parking lot just begging the watch to click over to the 12. Pure. Torture. By this point the sun was completely gone, and HP gives me the skeevy feeling when it gets dark (even though I'm sure it's mostly safe). I wanted to get in the car and get warm A.S.A.P. While the weather had been in the 50s and sunny, running around the water gives off a bit of a chill and I was freezing by the time I finally finished for the day.

After I got my 12, I climbed into the car, chugged water (don't think I got nearly enough of that on the run), and went home...where I discovered my lips were a little purple/blue.....not great. Chalking it up to how cold I felt. I took an extremely long shower and then went to MD to stay with some awesomeness for the weekend.

Saturday morning rolls around...I don't feel sore...like AT ALL, other than my hips hurt like something crazy! I was somehow convinced to 'run' 5 miles with two of my good friends on the Capital City Crescent Trail..luckily that was mostly walking, because my little leggies are pooped.

I didn't run today, but I am currently debating running in the morning or if I will just run after work tomorrow. One thing I know for sure is that I need.... NEED to start pumping iron. My arms are mush and I want some tone!!!

Jury is still out on the pants, but I think they were successful considering how not sore I feel. I will give them another go round on Saturday for 15 miles, I believe.

No meal plan this week yet other than the same spinach side salad. I have some chicken defrosting for me to cook up tomorrow... so I'll need to think of something tasty!

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